Release 2.3.12

Design Update for Podlove Subscribe Button

  • The button now follows a flat design and has more options for customizability.
  • See for a range of possible display variants.
  • Widget module has been updates to support a color picker and settings for size, format and style. When using the “WordPress Customizer” you get a live preview of the button.
  • If you are using the Template API, have a look at the updated podcast.subscribeButton parameters.
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Thanks a lot for this update! Very nice! I guess a lot of users have been waiting for this.

I guess now the templates in this documentation do need an update as well.


Very nice. However, when I try to change the color of the Subscribe button either in the widget or in the design settings, the wordpress menu shows the correct color for 1 or 2 seconds, and then it automatically switches back to #75ad91. I can not save the setting with my favorite color.

It works fine with the detailed template code like

{{ podcast.subscribeButton({format: ‘cover’, color: ‘#00477b’, style: ‘outline’, size: ‘auto’}) }}

but not within the widget. A workaround would be to bring this template code into my right-hand margine on without using the widget. How could I do that? Thanks.

You probably have the “Podlove Subscribe Button” plugin installed. There’s a conflict at the moment. If you deactivate that plugin, the widget should save correctly.

Yes, I do have installed it in order to feature a second subscribe button on the same website to another podcast feed ( In other words: I do not want to deactive the second plugin. Seems like a have to wait for a fix, right?

This issue was fixed in the 1.2 Version of the WP Subscribe Button Plugin.

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