Release 2.3.6


  • When creating a new contributor, social and donation services are saved correctly
  • Deleting a contributor shows the correct confirmation message


  • Podlove Subscribe Button: When an iTunes id is known for a feed, the button does not just pass the feed URL to the client when iTunes or Podcasts App are chosen. It redirects the user to the iTunes directory first. Because if you don’t do this, “[it] does not increase your visibility on the iTunes Store or allow you to earn commission as part of the Affiliate Program.” (
  • Detect and warn if an episode slug has been used before
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I’ve waited until 2.3.6 to activate the webplayer v3. Everything is working good so far. The new webplayer is way better than the old one.
I just wanted to leave a short “thank you” for this new player!

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