Release 2.7.12/13

  • use wp_enqueue_script instead of inline JS when calling PWP4, improving compatibility to other plugins (#1000)
  • uninstall: be more specific which options are deleted (#997)
  • new filter podlove_network_module_activate to force-enable network module (#995)
  • new social services: Mastodon, Fediverse, Friendica (#987, #968)
  • fix related episodes disappearing when using post scheduling (#980)
  • fix seasons error when there are no episodes (#963)
  • related episodes: order by post date (#947)

There are also new guides in the docs:

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Thanks for the update. I’m waiting for it to appear in my plugins section.

It might be worth adding a note to the chapter marks section:
Podlove Simple Chapters are added to the feed, not to the file itself. Though, most podcatchers are looking for chapter information within the file. Result: The user added chapter information via PSCs but no chapters will appear within their podcatcher. This leads to confusion and (repeating) questions in the forums.

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Always trouble with releases recently. I’ll give it another kick soon. Thanks for the heads up.

Hey Eric, 2.7.12 still is not offered in the Plugins Update Section. Do you know about it? Is this by intent? Or is there a probably a problem on our side?

Thank you for your continuous and good work on the Podlove Project!

Error on my part. One would think that after over 200 releases I’d slowly figure out how to do them… well, 2.7.13 should be on its way :slight_smile:

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