Release 2.7.17

Downloads Data Export

Download data per episode can now be exported as JSON and CSV.
On the Analytics page you will now find a simple export interface.
Select the episodes you want in the export or don’t select any to export them all at once.


Backbone for the data export is an implementation of the WP REST API.

Endpoint for the episode custom post type:

  • /wp-json/wp/v2/episodes

Custom endpoints for episode analytics:

  • /wp-json/podlove/v1/analytics/episodes/
  • /wp-json/podlove/v1/analytics/episodes/123
  • /wp-json/podlove/v1/analytics/episodes/123,82

All analytics are available as CSV by adding ?format=csv as parameter, for example /wp-json/podlove/v1/analytics/episodes/?format=csv

Analytics endpoints require the podlove_read_analytics permission, the same as viewing analytics in the admin.

Please read if you want to use these endpoints.


  • Fix deprecation warning when using multiple categories (#1009)