Release 3.1.0

  • analytics: new chart showing download development from episode to episode #1100 thanks @poschi3!
  • Auphonic: show production warnings in module (
  • download tracking: use OPAWG podcast user agent database in addition to Matomo database
  • stability: detect plugins using older/incompatible versions of Twig. Display a warning on the site (instead of an error) and a detailed explanation on “Podlove > Support” screen.
  • enhance: podcast file validation in dashboard includes all post stati and checks for missing slug #1161
  • enhance: only allow episode numbers of 0 and higher in form input #1158
  • api: add public endpoint for transcripts
  • api: add public endpoint for shownotes
  • fix: Podlove Web Player 5 includes all downloadable assets in download section
  • fix: transcript API URL #1145 thanks gibso!
  • fix: editing/deleting shows (#1077)
  • fix: episodes and shows API
  • fix: migration for Shownotes only when the database table exists