Release 3.5.2 / 3.5.3

This release reverses all changes to Permalinks in releases 3.5.0 and 3.5.1.

I severely underestimated the effect these changes would have and revert all changes until I find a better solution. It’s simply not acceptable to change episode URLs, especially without an option for automatic redirects.

Please verify your episode URLs and the two expert settings “Permalink structure for episodes” and “Episode Pages”. If you’re unsure what it was or should be, this is the default setting:

CleanShot 2021-04-15 at 21.12.46@2x

What to do if you have used the “PODLOVE_ENABLE_PERMALINK_MAGIC” constant? It has no effect any more and you can safely remove it from your config file.

What happened to the “Simple Episode Permalink” setting from release 3.5.1? It has been removed, too.

Sorry for the trouble.
Happy podcasting :slight_smile:


Thanks for your efforts. It might be worth pursuing the idea behind 3.5.1, but maybe with a beta first. Tough I have no idea how difficult this might end up being.


Thanks a lot Eric for the quick resonse!

3.5.2 is not released so far. Do I have to get the beta from github? Can I install the “.zip” by the pugin-manager over my existing intallation manually? Not sure if this is the right way…

Best, Fabian

Oh I forgot so update the stable tag, thanks for letting me know. It’s already available here at the bottom ( just not as the default download. Will fix now.

But it’s safe to use the zip from GitHub releases as well, it’s the same plugin package.

Very nice, thank you.

The Episode-URLs are now available via the old structure, the 404 is gone.

But the Links that are generated in the Lisitings / Templates are still the “old” ones with the /podcast/ taxonomie… So Episodes are now available via two URLs.

Is there an option I missed? Cache is cleared and Permalinks new generated.

I think this might have been the case all along. We just never saw the longer URLs.

Sorry, this was a caching issue though.