Release 3.7.0


The Shownotes module helps you manage link based show notes to display on your website and podcatchers.

The module UI has been rewritten and streamlined for efficient workflows.
A new UI element was added to allow for quickly sorting long lists of links into topics:
Whenever a link is dragged, a floating list of all topics appears next to the cursor.
The link can then be dropped under the desired topic there instead of scrolling through the whole list of shownotes.

Disclaimer: URL metadata detection uses a service hosted at It is currently available for all users of Podlove Publisher. In the future, metadata detection may only be availabe to Publisher PLUS users as it requires infrastructure to run. The rest of the Shownotes functionality will stay available to all Podlove users as usual.

Documentation: Shownotes | Podlove Documentation


  • Notifications: add “always send to…” section. Contributors selected there will always receive update notifications.
  • Avatars: default avatar is now a static svg instead of Gravatar (can be customized using the WordPress Filter podlove_default_contributor_avatar_url)

Enhancements for creating Auphonic productions (thanks lumaxis!):

  • when the episode title is set, send this instead of the post title (#1240)
  • send the episode number as track number (#1240)
  • when the post thumbnail is configured as cover image, use it as direct fallback (#1241)


Define a webhook that gets triggered every time an episode updates.

The webhook is a POST request with an event parameter and a payload.
event is the webhook name (“episode_updated”), payload is a serialized
JSON object of the current episode.


# wp-config.php
    'episode_updated' => ''

Other Changes

  • soundbites: add title field (#1257, #1237)
  • allow detection of episode duration on mp4 (#1249)
  • update OPAWG data (for download analytics / user agent detection)


  • fix: parameters for shortcode [podlove-episode-contributor-list] (#1233)
  • fix: PHP 8 warnings (#1258)
  • fix: deleting an episode deletes its transcript from the database (#1252)
  • fix(contributors): notification test email (#1247)
  • fix(analytics): filtering of httprange requests with one or two bytes (#1243)
  • fix(image cache): redirect to source URL if image can’t be downloaded into the cache

Great, can the webhook also be used for episode published?

Yes, the hook is fired on both creation and updates.

Looks great.

BTW: Is it possible to show them via a shortcode?


Sure: [podlove-episode-shownotes] :slight_smile:

Thank you. :slight_smile:
I wish there was a way to show all shortcodes in the editor.

Best Thomas

Yea well I guess the modern way would be to provide a Gutenberg Block for each shortcode, then they would automatically be discoverable.