Release 4.0.0 Beta

Here you can file your bug reports for the Publisher 4.0.0 Beta

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I can’t change the episode cover for a new episode. I would guess that it should be possible to upload a new cover image for this episode that is handed over to Auphonic. Also, maybe the title should therefor be “Episode cover” instead of “Poster”.


ja das geht wohl wird nur nicht immer angezeigt ist noch ein fehler in der beta

Der Dialog erscheint nur wenn in den Asset-Einstellungen bei Episoden Image der Eintrag “Manual URL Entry per Episode” ausgewählt ist.


Es gibt noch ein Problem mit dem Refresh. Das Bild wird nicht sofort neu dargestellt. Es ist noch ein Refresh nötig.

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Danke Dir – das heißt aber, dass ich das nicht nutzen kann, wenn ich zuvor alle anderen Bilder per Asset eingebunden habe, weil sonst alle älteren Bilder durch das generische Podcast-Cover ersetzt werden?

Der Upload erfolgt in die Wordpress Mediathek. Dies ist nicht unbedingt deine Asset-Location. Deshalb wird für die Asset-Verwendung keine Download angeboten.

Bei der Verwendung eines Assets für das Cover-Bild gibt es noch einen Fehler, es wird das Podcast-Cover angezeigt und nicht das Asset-Bild.

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Beim Auswählen und Zuordnen der Transcript-Voices wird eine lange, leere Liste angezeigt. Dahinte rliegen wohl die Namen, man sieht sie aber nicht:


In der Liste sollen alle Contributoren angezeigt werden. Es wird aktuell als Eigenschaft name verwendet, diese ist aber nicht vorhanden.

Hello everyone!

I’ve been using Podlove for a soccer podcast for about two years and switched to the beta last week. I installed the beta, tweaked some groups and roles on all my episodes, and everything worked as expected. In the frontend nobody will have noticed a difference, and in the backend everything looks nicer now and brings things together. Really great!

However, the reason for my registration is that I was informed earlier that the website is no longer working as before. There seems to be some issue with the publisher, the player, or a combination of both.

What do you see in the frontend?

  • The first four episodes are displayed as usual, but from the fifth episode onwards it says “There was a critical error on the website.”
  • Instead of using the full width of the browser, the website is displayed in a smaller column design as if I was on a mobile device.
  • The menu cannot be clicked on mobile phones.

What have I tried?

  • I first deactivated all plugins, which solves problem 2 and 3 (but of course I don’t see any episodes anymore then)
  • If I activate all plugins except the web player, the problems are fixed (including the critical error), but of course I no longer have a player with episodes anymore.
  • If I then also activate the player, the issue is so severe that I can no longer even edit the older episodes (older than the first four) and a critical error is immediately displayed in the backend, about which more information is sent to me by email.
  • I switched back to the stable version (also reinstalled via upload), but that had no effect.

What error messages do I get?

  • I get the following text via email: “WordPress has a built-in function that detects when a plugin or theme causes a fatal error on your website and notifies you with this automated email. In this case, WordPress caught an error in one of your plugins, Podlove Podcast Publisher.”
  • When I log in in recovery mode (Wiederherstellungsmodus in German), all plugins are activated except the publisher: “This plugin could not be loaded properly and is stopped in recovery mode.”
  • The error message in recovery mode is: “Ein Fehler vom Typ E_ERROR wurde in der Zeile 68 der Datei /home/sites/site100025682/web/ verursacht. Fehlermeldung: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function to_array() on null in /home/sites/site100025682/web/ Stack trace: #0 [internal function]: {closure}() #1 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ array_map() #2 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ podlove_pwp5_attributes() #3 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ Podlove_Web_Player_Embed_Data->episode() #4 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ Podlove_Web_Player_Shortcode->episode() #5 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ Podlove_Web_Player_Shortcode->render() #6 [internal function]: do_shortcode_tag() #7 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ preg_replace_callback() #8 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ do_shortcode() #9 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ Podlove\Template\Episode->player() #10 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ : eval()'d code(46): PodlovePublisher_Vendor\twig_get_attribute() #11 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ __TwigTemplate_05564af909c02dc047117ea3f16b94ae->doDisplay() #12 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ PodlovePublisher_Vendor\Twig\Template->displayWithErrorHandling() #13 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ PodlovePublisher_Vendor\Twig\Template->display() #14 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ PodlovePublisher_Vendor\Twig\Template->render() #15 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ PodlovePublisher_Vendor\Twig\TemplateWrapper->render() #16 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ PodlovePublisher_Vendor\Twig\Environment->render() #17 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ Podlove\Template\TwigFilter::apply_to_html() #18 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ WP_Hook->apply_filters() #19 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ apply_filters() #20 [internal function]: Podlove\{closure}() #21 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ call_user_func() #22 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ Podlove\Cache\TemplateCache->cache_for() #23 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ Podlove\template_shortcode() #24 [internal function]: do_shortcode_tag() #25 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ preg_replace_callback() #26 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ do_shortcode() #27 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ WP_Hook->apply_filters() #28 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ apply_filters() #29 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ the_content() #30 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ require('...') #31 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ load_template() #32 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ locate_template() #33 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ get_template_part() #34 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ include('...') #35 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ require_once('...') #36 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ require('...') #37 {main} thrown

I still don’t quite understand what the problem is. Can anybody help me? Is it the publisher, as Wordpress says? Or is it the web player? What else can I try to fix my website?

Thank you in advance!

Quick update: I have solved the visible issues that I listed above. I had used the wrong group for some contributors (and in general, I didn’t know that a contributor may not be assigned to one group in one episode and another group in another episode). After fixing the contributors, the mentioned problems are gone.

However, there is still a critical error. At this point, I only get it at the defaults tab of the contributors module. (I may get it in other parts of the website as well, which I haven’t clicked on recently.) I then get the same error message via email, and in the recovery mode, there is this description next to the Publisher plugin that could not be activated:
“Ein Fehler vom Typ E_ERROR wurde in der Zeile 24 der Datei /home/sites/site100025682/web/ verursacht. Fehlermeldung: Uncaught ValueError: Path cannot be empty in /home/sites/site100025682/web/ Stack trace: #0 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ Podlove\load_template() #1 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ Podlove\Modules\Contributors\Contributors::contributors_form_table() #2 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ Podlove\Modules\Contributors\Settings\ContributorDefaults->default_contrib_form() #3 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ Podlove\Modules\Contributors\Settings\ContributorDefaults->page() #4 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ Podlove\Modules\Contributors\Settings\Tab\Defaults->register_page() #5 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ WP_Hook->apply_filters() #6 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ WP_Hook->do_action() #7 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ do_action() #8 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ Podlove\Settings\Expert\Tab->page() #9 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ Podlove\Settings\Expert\Tabs->getCurrentTabPage() #10 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ Podlove\Modules\Contributors\Settings\ContributorSettings->page() #11 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ WP_Hook->apply_filters() #12 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ WP_Hook->do_action() #13 /home/sites/site100025682/web/ do_action() #14 {main} thrown

Thank your for your report and your research – we’re looking into it and are glad that it’s working again for you so far!

best regards

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There is another issue with the Contributors Plugin that I noticed after publishing two episodes after installing the beta:

If I leave a contributor’s role unchanged, they seem to be not added to that actual role.
I have several roles, where “moderator” is the default. If I add people with other roles, I change their role of course. But if I add a moderator, I want to leave their role unchanged. However, they then won’t be displayed on the website (not as a moderator and also not with another role). I then have to delete them from the episode and add them again (or change their role to another role, save, and then return to the original role).

Thanks for your feedback, I’v posted it to our Github Issues.

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I can confirm that the two issues that I had mentioned seem to be resolved after installing the latest beta.
Opening the default tab of the contributors module no longer leads to a crash, and when I add a contributor to a page without changing their role, they are now displayed.
I will check again when uploading a new episode tonight. If something goes wrong, I’ll give an update here.