Repeat Button does not increase width

Hello there,
I am currently using this bundle from
and I noticed that after playing my episode, the repeat-button does not enlarge in size.


Does anyone of you experience the same behaviour? or is it due to my configuration?

"version": 5,
"title": "Talkytalk",
"duration": "00:00:42.000",
  "audio": [ 
      "url": "http://localhost:4000/images/dummy.mp3",
      "mimeType": "audio/mpeg"

for the episode and

  "theme": {
    "tokens": { 
      "alt": "#ffffff",
      "brand": "#00475f",
      "brandDark": "#00475f",
      "brandDarkest": "#A9D3A7",
      "brandLightest": "#ffffff",
      "contrast": "#00475f",
      "shadeBase": "#00475f",
      "shadeDark": "#00475f"

as config

The whole relevant block looks like this:

<div class>
    <div class="app" id="app"></div>
      <script src="">
        podlovePlayer('#app', '/episode', '/config');

I am using this from a phoenix live view if this is relevant, but I would think that this should not be important regarding this, though I might be wrong.

Thanks for your help!

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I “solved” that issue now in this way:

podlovePlayer('#app', '/episode', '/config').then(store => {
           store.subscribe(() => {
           state = store.getState()
           if(state.playstate === "ended" && state.lastAction.type === "PLAYER_NEXT_PLAYLIST_ENTRY")           {

           store.dispatch({type: 'PLAYER_BACKEND_PLAYTIME', payload: 0});
           store.dispatch({type: 'PLAYER_REQUEST_RESTART'});
           store.dispatch({type: 'PLAYER_REQUEST_PAUSE'});

If someone else has a better fix, I welcome it.

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I have the same problem.

I’m using wp-content/plugins/podlove-web-player/web-player/embed.js?ver=5.8.0

Like you, the repeat button is stuck in a small circle most of the time. Though sometimes it does work. Also, sometimes the pause button gets stuck enlarged rather than shrinking back down to a circle:

I thought maybe I could fix it by changing the variant from “details” to “simple”, but that didn’t help. (I’m referring to this line in the webplayer template:
<play-button class="mx-2 block" variant="details"></play-button>)