[resolved] Feed categories 2020

Firstly, thank you for building this out. It is a great piece of work. I am not tech savvy but managed to get things working. I am not following how to create the category feed step #3. I have my one full feed working fine. I want to add a Dance category. When I add Dance to the slug it give me URL http://www.djfabeny.com/blog/feed/dance-mp3/. How can I get the Category in the correct position.

  1. Activate the Categories Publisher module. Go to Publisher -> Modules and find the Metadata section.
  2. Assign categories to your episodes using the episode forms.
  3. Announce the category feeds on your website. For example: You have the feed example.com/feed/mp3 and created the categories “weather” and “plants”. Then the feeds example.com/category/weather/feed/mp3 and example.com/category/plants/feed/mp3 are available now.


Don’t change the feed slug :slight_smile:

If you followed step 1, your episodes have a “Categories” section. Use this to assign categories:

Screenshot 2020-10-22 at 09.43.59

I managed to create the category. What I am struggling is creating a specific feed just for the category. My main feed works fine. Create specific feeds based on the created category.
Thank you in advance for your help.

The feed is created for you automatically, based on the category slug.

For example when you create a category “dance”, there is a feed available here: http://www.djfabeny.com/blog/category/dance/feed/mp3/ They are just not listed in the admin feed screen.

Thank you for clarifying and resolving my issue.