Setting up the Web Player


I’m trying to set up the web player, as described here:

My HTML is as simple as it could be:

<script src=""></script>


<div id="podlove_player" style="width: 100%, height: 100%">

  podlovePlayer('#podlove_player', '/episoden/zukunft-gestalten', '/assets/config.json');



… but nothing loads.

The config.json file here

Doesn’t seem to have an opening curly brace. That might be a mistake?

However, also adding that brace doesn’t solve it.

version: 5

is not proper JSON, is it?

When I go and convert everything a la

"version": "5"

still I end up with a white page.


Any ideas are appreciated! Thank you!

I made a minimal online version of my problem:

Thank you for looking into this!

ReferenceError: podlovePlayer is not defined

You might need to wait for the site to be done loading before calling it. Because when I call it manually via the console, it’s available.

podlovePlayer(‘#podlove_player’, ‘podcast.xml’, ‘config.json’);

I don’t think you can pass an xml here. You can start with the example json object from here: Configuration | Podlove Documentation

Thank you!

The config.json from the

website isn’t valid JSON, apparently – also adding an opening curly brace in the very beginning (which is missing) doesn’t fix it?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes since JSON doesn’t allows comments.

Thank you, I made some progress by now based on your comments!

However, the configuration (in which I defined yellow as the brand color) doesn’t seem to load properly:

This is my current episode – but the config JSON doesn’t get loaded somehow?

Config JSON:

This is my episode JSON which loads nicely:

Thank you!