Settings with Anchor host?


I just went to the podcast host Anchor. My episodes are not found by Podlove anymore :frowning_face:
I think my settings are incorrect, may be the slug ?

The URL of each episode is like this : of my podcast / episodes / title of the episode

which gives for episode 24:
https:// / sensible-revolution/episodes / 24–Les-motions-sont-interdites-e28mj6
(I put some spaces between “/” otherwise URL disappear)

Could you tell me what is the slug that I need to fill in please?
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, the URL–Les-motions-sont-interdites-e28mj6 is not the link to a media file, but to the episode page. The links to the media files are much more complicated and do not seem to follow a regular rule that is supported by podlove.

But if you host your podcast on Anchor, why do you want to publish them with Podlove Publisher too? Does not make sense to me.

Thank you for your reply.

Do you mean that it is not possible to use Podlove with Anchor ? :disappointed_relieved:

why do you want to publish them with Podlove Publisher too?

Because, to publish a podcast and a transcription of each episode on my website, is a good way to increase my trafic. It’s like having articles, but much more qualitative.


I have had a reply from Anchor, they said

There are links to your audio files located in your RSS feed! Here is your Anchor RSS feed:

If you look in there, you should see a line that says “Enclosure URL”. This will be a link directly the media file. Here is an example of one:

With these informations, could you tell me what I need to fill in in Podlove settings :slight_smile:

  • in Podcast settings/media/upload location ?

  • in in Podcast Feeds/Episode Title Template ?

It would be great :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi AxelleL,

when you look at the actual filename of the mp3 you see that it does not follow a rule that is identifiable.
For the Publisher to be able to use the files you would need a predictable url structure.

I suspect that you create a new episode on and set all the info there. You can “just” abandon the feed provided by the podlove publisher. But keep publishing episodes with the info on your site in the publisher.
Just copy the resulting url on your site for the episode to the backend as the link for the episode.

That “must” be possible.

Use the Subscribe Button standalone plugin to use the button for the “external” feed is hosting for you