Severe WP error related to typography settings

Hi guys,
I was about to install an APP plugin for our WP community. When I entered their typography section (which fonts to be installed…) WP gave me a severe error message. In the related email it is written that this error traces back to Podlove Publisher. To me it looks like a bug in the code. Here’s the text:

WordPress-Version 5.6.2
Aktuelles Theme: BuddyBoss Theme (Version 1.6.4)
Aktuelles Plugin: Podlove Podcast Publisher (Version 3.4.0)
PHP-Version 7.4.14


Ein Fehler vom Typ E_ERROR wurde in der Zeile 143 der Datei
verursacht. Fehlermeldung: Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to
function Podlove\Custom_Guid::override_wordpress_guid(), 1 passed in
/www/htdocs/w019360a/ on line 287
and exactly 2 expected in
Stack trace:
#0 /www/htdocs/w019360a/
#1 /www/htdocs/w019360a/
WP_Hook->apply_filters(‘https://5d-move…’, Array)
apply_filters(‘get_the_guid’, ‘https://5d-move…’)
BP_REST_Forums_Endpoint->prepare_item_for_response(Object(WP_Post), Object(WP_R

Thanks for your help.


I don’t see it exactly in the stack trace but it looks like the mistake in in the “buddyboss-platform” calling the get_the_guid hook wrongly (with one parameter instead of two).

But I suspect I can “defend” against this easily with a single line change you can try yourself. Find the following file/line in the Publisher:

And replace it with:

    public static function override_wordpress_guid($guid, $post_id = null)

Error fixed, problem solved.
Muchas gracias!!!

Will that modification be included in future updates?
Thanks for your fantastic work.

Yes, that will be included in the next release :slight_smile:

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