Shortcode Issues


I use Podlove Player with the following shortcode:

[podlove-web-player theme=“float” config=“float” template=“float” title=“Bootsmessen in Zeiten von Corona” subtitle=""
poster=“” src=“” size="" duration=“17:34”]

For a result visible here:

3 things:

  1. Subtitle does not show
  2. Share buttons are broken
  3. My console displays a 404 error: XHR GET “

What’s wrong with my shortcode? Could you have a look?


PHP 7.4
WordPress 5.4.2
Podlove Web Player 5.2.8

My guess is that the selected template doesn’t has a subtitle. Have a look at the “Classic” template.

Sharing is not possible in the shortcode embed since required metadata like the origin url is not provided. Since you have a running podlove-publisher instance I wonder if it could be possible to just reference the episode via url. This could be a very interesting case. I created this ticket to keep track:

That looks like a bug, it tries to fetch a playlist from the local instance. I also tracked that here:

Thanks a lot for the quick reply!

You are right: subtitle was missing in my template! :grinning: