Show the date of publishing in the template

Where can I activate showing the date of publishing the episode in the settings or a template so that it looks like:

I am using the them “twenty thirteen” and my posts already include the date, but it is not shown for podlove episodes.

You need to add the following to your active template:

Veröffentlicht am {{ episode.publicationDate.format('j. F Y') }}

You can change the date format and wording if you like to.

Ok, that is one way to do it, but I would like to show it via the wordpress template … which template is used for displaying podcast episodes?

I solved it, I found out that the functions.php of the twentythirteen theme only displays the date in the meta data function if the type of the content is “post”. I changed that in the functions.php

I’m currently having the same problem. Actually, the problem that the publication date isn’t displayed occurs at two locations: on my WordPress blog’s home page (that lists all published blog posts and episode posts mixed – the blog posts do have a date, the episode posts don’t) and on each episode posts individual page (like the O.P. mentioned above).

However, I have no idea of how to inject code into a WordPress’s theme’s .php files. Where do I start? How do I find the file that’s responsible for rendering an episode post? And what’s the file that renders the posts list on the blog’s home page?

And can I use Twig code or not?

btw, the theme I use is WordPress’s own Twenty Seventeen.

Is the menu item Design > Theme-Editor the right place to start?

Is content.php the correct file? Has content-audio.php anything to do with the Podlove plugin? Why isn’t there a content-podcast.php or a content-episode.php file?

Sorry for bothering. I just don’t want to spend hours diving into Wordpress theme development and Podlove templates/tags/… just to get the published date displayed. :man_shrugging:

Thanks so much for your help!! :pray: