Shows Module: Individual Metadata

Dear valued Podlove community,

I highly appreciate your efforts and the great plugin! Thanks for the amazing work!

I am setting up three independent podcasts at the moment. I understand the documentation stating “If you are looking for totally separate podcast channels with their own sites, read Option 1: WordPress Network”. However, because of different considerations and tests, I do not want to work with multisite, but implement the different shows on one big webpage. The shows module does a good job for that.

But some feed metadata can only be set up globally (e.g. Directory settings -> iTunes author, Mnemonic, Individual Show URLs). Also in the Podlove player info section, only the global title and summary is shown - and not the show’s title.

Am I overseeing something? Or is there any way, to completely individualize every single show? Or can this feature wish be added to a future release? That rather minor technical change would add so much more power to the “Shows” module.

Thank you so much!