Shows Module: Individual Metadata

Dear valued Podlove community,

I highly appreciate your efforts and the great plugin! Thanks for the amazing work!

I am setting up three independent podcasts at the moment. I understand the documentation stating “If you are looking for totally separate podcast channels with their own sites, read Option 1: WordPress Network”. However, because of different considerations and tests, I do not want to work with multisite, but implement the different shows on one big webpage. The shows module does a good job for that.

But some feed metadata can only be set up globally (e.g. Directory settings -> iTunes author, Mnemonic, Individual Show URLs). Also in the Podlove player info section, only the global title and summary is shown - and not the show’s title.

Am I overseeing something? Or is there any way, to completely individualize every single show? Or can this feature wish be added to a future release? That rather minor technical change would add so much more power to the “Shows” module.

Thank you so much!


Any ideas about that issue? I’d love to switch to podlove from powerpress with my different podcasts. But however, having them all on the same wordpress single installation would be essential for me.

That’s something what many podcasters were struggling with and as far as I know, there are no plans to change something. (Disclosure: I am no developer of Podlove)

I don’t know where to begin to tell you how wrong you are with this assumption.

Yes, adding individual settings to the show module is, in many cases, trivial. But where do you draw the line? There are dozens of settings in the podcast screen that are treated as global throughout the whole codebase. What if you want different assets/feeds/contributors per show? Where even would the user interface be for that? What about Download Tracking/Analytics?

Podlove Publisher is not prepared for multiple “proper” podcasts outside a network setup. We only added shows because we knew people kept asking for it. But it is and always will be a crutch. It would take a major rewrite to truly, natively allow managing multiple podcasts in a single WordPress instance.

That being said, I’m happy to take suggestions for individual settings missing from the Shows module. I’ve added some on request in the past. But “bring shows on the same level of flexibility of podcasts” is unfortunately unrealistic at the moment.