Simple and clean web look and feel

Hello and thank you for the opportunity to post a question here. At the risk of sounding like a newbie, we are trying to accomplish the following;

We would like to accomplish something similar to our podcast pages on other platforms (i.e.) Apple Podcast and Google Podcast but on our own domain. I am including the links below:

with a similar look, feel and functionality. In short, Simple and Clean…

After installing your add-on as well as after several attempts we have failed miserably. Can you or anyone else in your community lead us in a direction to accomplish our goals.

At this time, We host our podcast Anchor but are listed on an additional 12 platforms and would like to offer the same on our own domain.

Our current website / domain is located at:

We are a non-profit and $$$ are always an issue, so please help, any ideas are appreciated.

Thank you,

I think you should specify more precisely what you actually want to do and what you tried and how you failed.