Social media icons

I would love if you could add social media icons for iTunes podcast, stitcher radio, and the run/bike social network Strava.

Currently the “social media” accounts usually represent a personal profile on an external system. So in the case of iTunes, there would no such thing as iTunes does not have profiles for users. Not so sure about Stitcher and Strava.

Can you name which URLs you’d like to see constructed based on which entered data? Maybe even provide links to proper artwork that could be adapted?

Regarding iTunes, I assume you might be talking about URLs pointing to a podcast’s presence within the iTunes Podcast Directory?

Here is my example strava account

iTunes podcast art would just be the link to my show in the podcast directory with an icon like this

Stitcher Radio is an on demand streaming audio app. It’s not a social media platform, but would be nice to have a link with artwork to the app