[solved] Auphonic Authorization not working


the authorisation of the Auphonic Module is not working for me.

Here Are the steps I take:

  1. I click the “Authorize Now” button in the “Modules” section
  2. I get redirected to the Auphonic page
  3. Click on “Allow”
  4. Redirect to the Wordpress Podlove Modules page -> App is not authorized

What I tried:

  • I have a fresh / clean WP installation
  • tried to deactivate all plugins (apart from Podlove)
  • tried other browsers, devices, etc.

WordPress 5.3.2
Podlove Publisher 2.9.6

This worked before for me on a different WP installation on the same server. Now it does not work.
The only thing that has changed was a new WP version 5.3.2 - could this be the problem?

Any ideas are welcome - thanks!


Hi, I just reauthorized on WordPress 5.3.2 and it worked for me. Maybe you can have a look into your PHP error log for clues?

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Thanks for the reply. I checked again after a few hours and then it worked!

Thanks mate!