[SOLVED] Ello is missing in the Social Media Network list

The social media network Ello is missing in the social network list (Contributors).

How can I add the entry manually?

The only way to add entries manually is with the generic “website” entry.

Thank you for the fast answer!

Is there any possiblity to add the entry manually in the database and to upload a futher icon into a specified folder? Or is the list of entries realized with PHP coding and requires a modification?

It’s not built in a way to make it extendable from outside the plugin. But if you can help us find an official ello logo that fits our icons style, we can add it in one of the following releases.

/edit: found them here https://ello.co/wtf/resources/logos/

There I would have also searched. Thank you for adding this into one of the following releases.

Maybe it makes sense to create a kind of action/filter while the podlove publisher generates the social media list, so that it can be addressed and manipulated by a custom function within functions.php. I assume there will always be a network, which is missing, and it is not a good idea to cover all networks. So this could be handled by such a custom function.