[Solved] Episodes no longer showing on Apple Podcast

This morning, I noticed that the episodes of my podcast aren’t displayed anymore on Apple Podcast. It says that there are 0 episode.

I checked the RSS feed. It seems the episodes are included. I was also able to listen to the episodes on Spotify. I also cleaned the cache. But nothing yet.

Is it a bug someone is familiar with? Do you know what could be causing this? Trying to identify how I can solve this.

There are still many issues with Apple Podcasts.

Is it due to the new version of Apple Podcast that came with iOS 14.5?

Edit: Apparently, many people complain about the bugs (cf. MacRumors).

Any thoughts on what I could try to identify the cause?

Edit2: Support ticket submitted on Apple Podcast.

No news from Apple at this stage. The episodes don’t seem to be available on Apple Podcast, but they are still shown in the back-end of Podcast Connect. :confused:

I tested all the other platforms. The RSS works with Spotify and other podcatchers. It seems that it’s coming from Apple. :open_mouth: I hope they will release an update soon.

Got a response from Apple Support:

Thank you for contacting us.

We have received reports of episodes not appearing on Apple Podcasts.

Our engineers are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

No additional information is needed at this time. Please try again later.

I was hoping that iOS 14.5.1 would fix the issue, but it’s not the case…

It seems the episodes are back. Not sure if there’s any link but they came back after I released a new episode. Hoping there won’t be any bug anymore :crossed_fingers:

Thanks for your help!

I can’t edit the topic name to add: [Solved]. Feel free to add if you can. :slight_smile: