[solved] Feed display too much

Hi there,
First of all- I’m very new at podcasting and managing a Website.
I created two episodes of the podcast and wanted to create two more blog entries for the website which should not be displayed in the feed. So I created them as notes and first all worked fine. But as I edited one of the episodes the feed went crazy. Episode 01 was displayed twice in the feed and the notes also appeard. Then the episode 00 disappeared as I edited some of the entries once more. And it went on like this. Now I have created another feed url for trial that has the same settings as the first except the name but it displays different things. Here are bothe feeds:


I really hope you guys can help. I didnt found any comparable entries in here like my problem.
Many thanks in advance.

It looks like your theme or some plugin is creating those entries. They contain a field like this: <post-id xmlns="com-wordpress:feed-additions:1">1</post-id>, which is not normally part of feeds and we also don’t generate that.

So if you’re not sure where it’s coming from, turn off plugins one by one and watch when the items disappear from the feed.

Thanks a lot! It seems like the problem is solved. The “Simple Gallery”-Plugin didnt work very well. I hope the porblme will not come back any more.