[solved] My subscribe button doesn't load anymore?

If I look into the web inspector is says:
app.js Failed to load resource: net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE

If I access the url of app.js directly I get:

Seams like your site is considered insecure. Do you use let’s encrypt or is this some self signed certificate?


Not sure what is being reported here. Server has a fresh and valid Let’s Encrypt certificate and responds on both IPV4 and IPv6 without error in my testing.

There was a hick-up today because I got called by a client/friend as his button disappeared today. I got the screen you seen above. In the evening it started working again on my side and on the clients.


I’ve currently got the same Issue when loading

Direct https get call to the JS says that the certificate is invalid.

Yes, the Podlove CDN SSL certificate isn’t valid anymore.

cc @timpritlove & @ericteubert

Fixed, should work again