[solved] Podlove Player not working

Good Evening. I have managed to publish my first episode however I have a issue. When selecting the audio It finds the slug verifys it and plays. However when I publish it and select play. It will not play it says

“Error loading audio files Couldn’t load the audio files from the server. Please try again later”

I can’t for the life of me figure out why it won’t play. Im playing from my own hosted server and the location is the default WP uploads folder.

Any help greatly apreciated.

Link to the site?

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Thanks it’s currently at a test domain with a test post although all the settings are correct and there is a link to the audio. I stripped the site back to basics and reinstalled the plugin. Also have another site hosted on the same server and when adding the plugin does the same. Here is the link


Also playing the file straight from the server works as seen here http://richhome.online/wp-content/uploads/Ep001.mp3

It just won’t play through it he web player

Ok changed permilnks and now it plays phew thanks for getting back to me