[SOLVED] Podlove Subscribe Button Working, Then Not Working?

Hi everyone! I set up the standalone Subscribe Button at https://www.bicbw.com yesterday, and it worked great right off the bat, no issues on desktop or mobile. It’s down at the bottom, as part of a footer widget.

Then when I logged back in today, it had suddenly stopped working - only displayed [podlove-subscribe-button button=“podlove”] where the button image used to be.

I don’t think I changed anything else about the site overnight…any other ideas what might’ve caused it?

Thanks for your help!

Woop, never mind…I reinstalled it in a new widget, deleted the old one, and it suddenly started working again. Hopefully it’ll stay this time! :smile:

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Good to hear that it works. If anything comes up again. Let me know

Hi again! As far as I can tell, I didn’t change anything. But a few weeks ago the button started having problems again.

When you click SUBSCRIBE, the little Podlove box pops up, but my site logo image is broken in it. Please check out the red button at the bottom of https://www.bicbw.com

Thanks again for your input!

The image is missing. I can’t see why but you need to set it again.
Go to the settings for the button and select the logo (again).
Should solve it

Thanks! Turned out the Edit button in Wordpress I needed to reset the image is invisible until you hover over it.