[solved] RSS feed only shows when logged in


I have been using Podlove for a while successfully and took a break from podcasting.

Now I got back to it and uploaded a new episode, but the RSS feed refused to be accessed when you browse icognito. Only when I’m logged in it shows.

It should be at https://cannabisindustrie.nl/feed/mp3/, but instead it shows a link to my hosting company.

Below the details that might help.

Website                    https://cannabisindustrie.nl
PHP Version                7.4.21
WordPress Version          5.8.1
WordPress Theme            Newspaper v11.2
Active Plugins             
           - AMP v2.1.4
           - Async JavaScript v2.21.08.31
           - Autoptimize v2.9.2
           - Better Search Replace v1.3.4
           - Broken Link Checker v1.11.16
           - Classic Editor v1.6.2
           - Cloudflare v4.7.0
           - Copy & Delete Posts v1.2.0
           - Enable Gzip Compression v1.0.3
           - Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights v8.1.0
           - Site Kit by Google v1.44.0
           - iCal Feeds v1.5.3
           - Interactive World Maps v2.4.8
           - Jetpack v10.2.1
           - Podlove Podcast Publisher v3.6.1
           - Podlove Web Player v5.4.14
           - Redirection v5.1.3
           - Resize Image After Upload v1.8.6
           - Scheduled Post Trigger v3.0
           - ShortPixel Image Optimizer v4.22.6
           - Stock Market Ticker v1.9.5
           - tagDiv Cloud Library v1.7 | built on 29.07.2021 15:10
           - tagDiv Composer v2.8 | built on 29.07.2021 15:10
           - tagDiv Mobile Theme v1.5 | built on 29.07.2021 15:10
           - tagDiv Social Counter v4.9 | built on 29.07.2021 15:10
           - tagDiv Standard Pack v1.2 | built on 29.07.2021 15:10
           - tagDiv Opt-In Builder v1.0
           - WordPress Importer v0.7
           - Yoast SEO v17.4
           - WP Maintenance Mode v2.4.1
           - WP Super Cache v1.7.4
           - ProfilePress v3.1.18
           - XML Sitemap & Google News - Google News Advanced v1.3.1
           - XML Sitemap & Google News v5.2.7
WordPress Database Charset utf8
WordPress Database Collate 
Publisher Version          3.6.1
Publisher Database Version 152
Web Player Version         player_v5
Monolog Version            1
open_basedir               /sites/cannabisindustrie.nl/www/:/sites/cannabisindustrie.nl/www/:/sites/cannabisindustrie.nl/subdomains/:/sites/cannabisindustrie.nl/private/:/sites/cannabisindustrie.nl/logs/:/sites/cannabisindustrie.nl/backups/:/sites/cannabisindustrie.nl/lib/php_include/cacert.pem:/sites/cannabisindustrie.nl/tmp/:/tmp/
curl Version               7.52.1
iconv                      available
simplexml                  ok
max_execution_time         120
upload_max_filesize        128M
memory_limit               256M
disable_functions          apache_child_terminate,apache_get_modules,apache_note,apache_setenv,dl,exec,passthru,shell_exec,opcache_reset,system,proc_close,proc_get_status,proc_nice,proc_open,proc_terminate,popen,pclose,virtual,set_time_limit,posix_access,posix_ctermid,posix_get_last_error,posix_getcwd,posix_getegid,posix_geteuid,posix_getgid,posix_getgrgid,posix_getgrnam,posix_getgroups,posix_getlogin,posix_getpgid,posix_getpgrp,posix_getpid,posix_getppid,posix_getpwnam,posix_getpwuid,posix_getrlimit,posix_getsid,posix_getuid,posix_initgroups,posix_isatty,posix_kill,posix_mkfifo,posix_mknod,posix_setegid,posix_seteuid,posix_setgid,posix_setpgid,posix_setsid,posix_setuid,posix_strerror,posix_times,posix_ttyname,posix_uname,posix_setrlimit,lchgrp,lchown,lstat,symlink,link,readlink,linkinfo,syslog,openlog,closelog,pfsockopen
permalinks                 ok (/%postname%/)
podlove_permalinks         ok
podcast_settings           ok
web_player                 ok
podlove_cache              on
  - mp3    audio/mpeg       https://cannabisindustrie.nl/feed/mp3/
cron                       ok
duplicate_guids            ok

0 errors
1 NOTICE (no dealbreaker, but should be fixed if possible): 
- The PHP setting "open_basedir" is not empty. This is incompatible with curl, a library required by Podlove Publisher. We have a workaround in place but it is preferred to fix the issue. Please ask your hoster to unset "open_basedir".

According to your website the feed is under https://cannabisindustrie.nl/feed/podcast/

Yeah in the end I decided to just create a new feed, which is working. Which I guess I recommend also others with the same problem to do. How it came to be I don’t really know exactly. Anyways case closed for now.