Spotify Podcast listing



I tried to submit a podast to spotify and found different podcast services, which can automatically do that. Have you got any experiences or challenges to improve podlove for connecting with a commercial service, which can bring spotify listing?


To be honest, we currently don’t really see a role for us in podcast directory submission as this is not a thing you do regularly, is not going to be standardized at all, ist not too complicated to begin with, is mostly dealing with custom account creation and we also focus on promoting self-hosted podcasting on the open web anyway.

What would you expect from Podlove in this regard? Let us know if you have any more thoughts on this.


Thanks for your reply. I think the main goal should be documentation and a partner, which can fullfil the submission. Yes, Podlove is a really great selfhosting possibility, but I think, there could be a little more communication about reaching a bigger audience or all daily questions / experiences. For example: I´ve started a new podcast about WordPress How-Tos and one of the first question from my fans was: is there any playlist at spotify? And it´s really hard to find useful infos about how can I submit my podcast to spotify - e.g. when I use podlove.

The first step was the subscribing button telling listeners how to follow on an easy way - the next step could be to find a partner for podcasters, who would like to use third party services for submitting their podcasts to a bigger audience (automatically). So podlove could define a WordPress standard for podcasting: you can use our plugin for free to selfhost your production, but you can also fulfill Enterprise podcasting by submitting content to other services with our partner XY - like you did with Auphonic.


There is no need to define a new standard here. The standard exists for more than 15 years. It’s called RSS 2.0. Every system on this planet should be able to read podcast feeds. All the information to publish and consume is in there.

So if Spotify “can’t” or does not want to read feeds directly, any service provider could just read this feed and inject the content into Spotify’s closed systems.


I haven´t anything about a new standard, but about new cooperations with other services, which is not a really technical topic, but a community one. Could it be possible to have an opportunity as member of the podlove community to get an easier acces to the plattform of the major players on the podcast market? That´s the main question.


I don’t think so