State of the Rest API to create episodes

I am trying to insert ~1000 episodes via a python script using the WordPress REST API. I already found out that it might not be possible at the moment to fully populate the podlove metadata.

What I achieved at the moment: POST to /wp-json/wp/v2/episodes to give the post title, publish the episode and select categories.

I stumbled upon a post that suggested updating the podcast guid via this API if I understood it correctly, and I am not able to find more information about it. Renew GUID via API?

I also found posts that stated that there was no API development for writing at all. Is it possible to fully create episodes via the REST API?

If not, any other idea how I could batch create the episodes? I do not have a database of an alternative publisher that would work with the import tool out of the box. Can I easily create a format that can be used to import into podlove publisher?