Statistics from Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts etc

I have a very general question about the statistics. Some commercial tools aggregate the listener numbers from Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcast etc. Does the Podlove Publisher do that as well or does it only count the direct downloads of the feed?


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Hello Niklas

Podlove does not grab aggregated Data from a Spotify, Apple or Google backend. You’d still have to log into their services to see their numbers. Podlove is checking for user agents though. Podlove does track download intents. You can read more about Podlove Analytics here.

If you are interested in more (and possibly better) analytics, you can have a look at the Publisher Plus (beta) feed proxy feature.

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Hey Joey, thanks for your answer. That helps a lot!

Regarding my last research only spotify caches the audio files, while all other plattforms are doing a pass through. So you should see Google Podcasts as well as iTunes. Only Spotify will not work.