Subscribe Button went missing

Hey, we’re using the Podlove Subscribe Button on our website,, and it worked without any problems for the last months, until I realized yesterday that the button is not there anymore (it’s at the end of the page, in the footer). Just the description that I put with the button named "endlich. abonnieren“ ist still showing. I tried to delete and set it up again, but it’s still missing. Any ideas what I can do about this? Thanks a lot! Caro

The problem should be fixed in a few minutes.

I still have the problem, can you tell me if I have to do something to fix it?

Sorry to hear that. It seems that the plugin you are using does not render the code for the button at all on the page. Do you use the Podlove Publisher or the Standalone Subscribe Button Plugin to display it?

We use the Podlove Podcast Publisher and the Podlove Subscribe Button as two different plugins. I’m not sure why this is happening now as it worked fine the last months.

I’m realizing just now that you don’t seem to need the Subscribe Button plugin if you are using the Publisher, right? In the settings of the Publisher, the box “use Subscribe Button” is ticked (together with CDN) and I also put the Subscribe Button as a widget in the footer (together with the text saying “endlich. abonnieren”).

Not sure why, but I set it up one more time and now it’s working again. Thanks for your help!