[Suggestion][Request] Widgets and where to show the web player

I have been playing a lot with different podcasts plugin and I must say that at the moment I have 2 favourites and Podlove is one of them!

The only reason it is not yet my unconditional favourite is because there’s something very interesting that I think it is missing:

  • It would be gold if there was a widget that allowed to play an episode (latest episode or specific one)
  • It would be very nice to have a widget to render an episodes playlist
  • IT would be wonderful to have a widget to list all episodes of a given Serie (all or latest X)
  • This one is gold. It should be possible to select where we would like to show the podcast web player (on the full content on the Excerpt or on the oEmbed Excerpt). This one would be amazing because it would allow to play the podcast directly from the page preview.

You can have a look at these websites for some example

You can also check this other Plugin to have a better look on how the widgets interact and can be placed

I think these suggestions will push Podlove Publisher even further to the top of the list!!

Many thanks in advance,

  • Miguel

Well, that’s what the Podlove Web Player does. Maybe I do not understand what you mean here.


By widget, I mean having an actual widget like the “recent episodes” and “Podcast information”.

However, I after you mentioned that was already possible to do that, I investigated a little more to see if I had missed anything and found out that the “template” widget allows me to do that!

I will need to read a little bit more about the templates to see how I can customise it but if I understood it’s very customizable.

Do you think the other suggestions are still valid and interesting?

Many thanks,

  • Miguel

There are no readymade solutions for what you ask but with some work they should all be possible to realise with the Publisher template system and the Template Widget you already found :slight_smile: