Summary missing - only showing title and subtitle

Starting back in Nov 2023, I noticed my podcast episodes no longer were posting the summary section on podcast platforms when the RSS feed is used. When I opened the page to check the data, the content I had posted in the Summary section at the bottom of the page had been deleted. This has happened each time I’ve posted since November, and I cannot find a solution. As a result, there is only a title and subtitle listed on Apple, iHeart, and other podcast platforms for my podcast. The content on the WordPress webpage is correct, but that information does not pull from the summary section of the page.

Any help is appreciated!

Did you ever found a solution, @waterprairie? I have the exact same problem.

No I haven’t found a solution, and I’m very frustrated with it. I have found a temporary workaround. I post the title of the episode, and in the subtitle section, I add as much as I can to inform the listener what the episode will include. However, that section has a small character limitation so I can’t post much there.

Do you have any ideas we could try? I was hoping more people would respond since we can’t be the only ones who have had this problem.

Maybe the way the summary is added to the feed has changed with an update and it is not reflected in your template? In mine, I explicitly have a line for the inclusion of the summary and I still see it even after the updates in November:

<p>{{ episode.summary }}</p>

Thanks for sharing what’s working for you. I haven’t set up any specialized templates and have just used what came with Podlove. Where do I go to add the line you showed in your response? I appreciate your help with this!!! I don’t know anything about using the templates or adding/changing them so treat me as an idiot and spell it out if you can. :crazy_face: I’m used to html and css, but I have no idea what drives Wordpress and have only used plug and play options so far.

No worries:

  • Login to your WordPress admin area
  • Open the menu “Podlove > Templates”
  • In the top, you see the Templates area with a list of template names on the left and the content area for selected templates on the right
  • In the bottom, you see the Template settings
  • Check what template is used in the bottom section (e.g. “Insert above”)
  • For example, it’s “default” that’s chosen in the settings. Then click on “default” in the top left list
  • In the top right edit textbox, add the line <p>{{ episode.summary }}</p> to the bottom auf the template
  • When you edit the template, a dot will appear in the template list on the left to indicate unsaved changes; click the “Save template” button below the list; the dot should disappear

Now when you reload your feed again, you should be able to see the summary.

You can do cool things wiht the templates, check out the Templates documentation as well as its reference.