Support for Podigee Podcast Player

Have you considered supporting the Podigee Podcast Player? I’d appreciate that, because the Podigee Player is already embeddable and the Podlove Player still is not.

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That will most probably be added in version 2.4


Supporting the Podigee Player or the embeddable Podlove Player?

Podigee Player

Great! :slight_smile: Thanks for the quick response!

Without starting a new topic, I’d like to add a feature request to this one:

2.4.0 introduced the (very nice) Podigee Podcast Player to Podlove users. Just as promised by @timpritlove. Thanks for that!

Unfortunately, configuration options are very limited. But: The Podigee team already offers advanced configuration options.

My request:
Please make those available for Podlove users too. Changing colours individually would be a great option as well.

I’d like to add a similar feature request. I’m using the podigee player too since publisher 2.4.x. When embedding the player in a 3rd-party web site, I’d like to be able to change the default of my podcast’s website setting regarding “chapters visible when loading”. According to @benzimmer such an argument as …?chapter=false (or theme=minimal) would have to be implemented by the podlove publisher plugin.