Support Pricing Update | Publisher Weekly #3

Today I’d like to talk to you about a recent update to the Podlove Publisher Support offering. I’ve changed the pricing and packages a few weeks ago and it is time to talk about that.

First of all, a big Thank You to everyone who has ever invested into a support package. I can’t say it often enough. Your contributions make continued development of the Publisher possible for me.

The most popular package was the 5€ per month offering. Due to the way micropayments work, those sales don’t net me a lot. Depending on the payment method there is a fixed transaction amount, plus a percentage that goes to the payment processor. The fixed amount is the one that hurts most in small transactions.

To fix this, my first idea was to additionally offer yearly pricing. That also helps catering to businesses, since they often prefer a single bill rather than twelve spread over a year. However, that would have meant doubling the complexity of the support offering. So instead, I chose to drop the subscription model and move everything to one-time payments.

You will also find that I reduced package prices. The 5€ per month package cost 60€ per year. Its new price is 39€. A big chunk of that difference is the sum of the monthly transaction cost. In the end, I nearly earn the same amount as before, despite the price drop.

I continued simplifying and removed the tiered service structure. Now every package includes the same level of support: access to the private ticket system and background support. The only differentiator between packages is the amount of podcasts you publish.

All new packages:

  • Personal (1 podcast): 39€
  • Studio (2–3 podcasts): 99€
  • Network (unlimited podcasts or multisite): 199€

If you’re a customer, the takeaway is this: Get the same as before, for less cash.

“I’m still on a subscription plan. What should I do?”

If you like the legacy subscription plan, you are not forced to change anything. Don’t do anything and nothing will change. If you prefer to change plans, go to Account Preferences and stop the subscription. Then purchase a new Support Package.

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