Templating: Publication Date


I am templating my Web Player at the moment. I would like to have the publication date written under my Episode Title in the player. Is there an easy line to insert this like “show-title” or “episode-title”?

Thank you!


Not yet but the extension should be an easy one. Will see if I can integrate it in the next release :slight_smile:

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That would be awesome :slight_smile:

Maybe this workaround could help you.

I put this code into the podlove template:

{% if not is_feed() %}
    <p>Veröffentlicht am {{ episode.publicationDate.format('j. F Y') }}</p>

This puts a line with the publication date above the Web Player. You can see the result in my podcast klausgesprochen.de

Hey Klaus,

thanks for the suggestion. I will think about it, how to solve it. Or maybe I’ll just wait 'til its integrated :slight_smile: