Title of episode not shown in analytics, web player and Newest episodes

Hello everybody,

I am new here and to Podlove in general so I hope my question is ok.

We started a podcast with podlove on wordpress, hosted by Strato.de. For the first episode all went fine. For the second episode we wanted to have an episode title with quotation marks like “Title”. All went fine with the feed (tested on Podcast Republic for Android e.g.) and also the automatic title of the episode is okay, as you can see at https://extraprobe.de/ep001-lieblingskomponisten/. But I discovered two problems:

  1. The title for this second episode on the analytics page is “2”:
    That’s not a big problem. But:
  2. There is no title of the episode in the side bar widget for the newest episodes:
    and - even worse - in the web player:

Does anybody know what could possibly be the problem here? I just changed the title to Title (without quotation marks) which is already updated in the feed but did not chang anything yet with my problems. Is it because of the quotation marks in the first place? And do you know any workaround?

Thank you very much!
Best wishes from Germany,

There may be an escaping issue, so removing the quotation marks should help. If you are using any caching plugin, you need to clear the cache.