Tracking & Analytic jobs not finishing

Since February, I pretty much have the similiar issue like mentioned in this post:

My jobs are starting, but they never finish.
The progress bars just stop at 0% (for all 3 possible jobs).
By contrast to the old issue from above, it states “Runner Activity: Not in the last hour.”

Analytics have not been refreshed since February, either, because of this.

I’ve restarted all crons, deleted caches and so on, but it always stalls at 0%.

I searched but couldn’t find any solution for the issue. Any help? :slight_smile:


If that’s not too technical for you, you can try setting up cronjobs the “ideal way” as described here:

But no promises that this will help. There’s someone else with recent issues ( so I might have to take a closer look.

/edit: just realizing that this is verly likely you :wink:

Yeah, sorry for being so impatient and crossposting. :wink: As this seems to be very specific, I answered in the other thread only. :slight_smile: (but can update here, if I find a solution)