Transcript page not working with podcast clients

I’m using the awesome feature of dedicated transcripts pages from version 3.5.0. I use <a href="?podlove_template_page=page-episode-transcript"> in my standard template, so it just relies on the given episode URL. Of course this only works on the website itself. The link doesn’t exist when I click on it in podcast clients. As I would like to offer the transcript pages to people who are not using the website (most of our listeners): Is there another way to implement the feature that works in clients too?

You need to provide a full URL including your domain, then it works in any context

Thanks. It seems to be working, but now I do have the problem that in all episodes the transcript of the last episode is opened not the regarding one. Does it have to do something with the episode URL settings that were changed some time ago?

Instead of use the full url to your episode. Then append ?podlove_template_page=page-episode-transcript

Sorry, I was a bit slow there. Didn’t find the right tag before, it works perfectly not now using <a href="{{ episode.url }}?podlove_template_page=page-episode-transcript"> in the template. Thanks again!