Transcripts from not recognized

Hello, I wanted to try out the transcript function after all. The setup of with Auphonic worked fine, now vtt-files land on the server, which are also recognized as assets in Podlove. Now the problem: If I click on “Get from asset” in the transcript field of the publisher, nothing happens. The same with manual import. Any idea what could be the reason for this? Thanks!!

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Have you saved the episode before doing this? Otherwise, please post urls to the files.

I did save the episode. I’m attaching a test file I’ve been using (changed to .txt for upload). Also

As I do have exactly the same behaviour on another Podlove setup, here’s what I’ve done, maybe there’s a problem with the configuration:

  • Activated “Transcripts” module
  • Created a new asset: Asset type: caption, file format: vtt
  • Activated this new asset for transcripts in the dropdown menu, bottom on the assets page

Maybe I missed something?


test.vtt.txt (501 Bytes)