Trying to use web player standalone, but it modifies my RSS feed

When I install just the Podlove Web Player (v5.4.2, WP 5.5.3) it modifies the contents of my RSS feed.

I have another podcast plugin which I’m using (Seriously Simple Podcasting) which generates the podcast RSS feed. I’m trying to get a better embeddable player—I don’t want to change over to using PodLove to publish the podcast feed…

When I enable the Web Player plugin, the description, itunes:subtitle, content:encoded, and itunes:summary blocks have their contents changed. In all four blocks (for all of the posts present in the RSS feed) there’s [podlove-web-player post=7711] (7711 is an example of a post ID) added to the beginning of the string.

My ultimate goal is to be able to grab an iframe embed code that I can put into my Discourse forum… I want to be able to use PodLove’s support for chapter marks, etc in my forum.

Hmm that sounds like a bug with the automatic embedding. It should respect the feed but obviously doesnt do it. Will investigate.

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I installed 5.4.3 and it fixes the issue. My RSS feed (generated by the SSP plugin) is identical before/after activation of the Podlove Web Player.

THANKS! :smiley:

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