Twitter Player Card

I have been looking at the specification for the Twitter player cards and am wondering how difficult it would be to include support for that in the Podlove Publisher. I know that there is already support for the summary card, so I imagine that a large part of the infrastructure is already in place. I may be able to help contribute to the effort if there is interest and someone can provide me with some pointers as to where in the code base I should look.

Main problem is that your website must use https (and https only) in order to enable this feature. Download files must be served via https too.

We have added explicit support for https-enabled website recently so this might be an option. However, we haven’t really looked at the specs recently if anything has changed. As far as I remember, your site needs to be whitelisted by twitter and you might have to go through a registration process which might or might not be open for everybody.

If you can do some research here and tell us we might consider adding twitter player card support

Thank you for the reply. The specs are located at and the validation/whitelist portion appears to be open to anyone who wishes to do so. I think the only portion of the spec which would be a significant amount of work, and is optional for compliance, is the twitter:player:stream attribute since it requires an MP4 container for the media to be streamed. I am also unsure of whether the Podlove player or the Podigee player are already rendered as iframes for the twitter:player attribute. All of the other settings appear to be fairly straightforward to implement given the existing capabilities for the summary card.

The next version of the Podlove Player (v4) can be rendered as an iframe and should probably be capable to be molded in a tweet. Podlove Publisher won’t itself convert anything to MP4 but the system has always been capable of dealing with multiple formats. So as long as the podcast owner is providing MP4 versions of the episode, everything should be in place.

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Great! When I get some free cycles I’ll take a look at adding some support to the plugin for player cards, using the existing cards support as a base to work from.