Unable to display Transcript

Hello, I am unable to display the transcript … The detailed explanation and the files are shown in the explainer 5min video …


  1. I am not able to show the transcript on the web player… though they are created using the Auphonic preset.
  2. There is no Transcript tab on the player ( I have set it to the default tab on the player default template)… if a user moves away from the transcript how will be able to come back to the transcript tab?
  3. Using the WordPress default tag taxonomy I have tagged the podcast… and using the widget of tag cloud, i have tag cloud displayed on the sidebar… but the episodes though showing in the count is not showing in the tag archive page…

Pls help.

Can you please try using the manual upload for the transcript? It’s path that’s tested more frequently and I’m curious if it will work for you.

Thank you for replying… I tested the manual upload… pls see the screen share… it failed.
Can I pass you the access to the admin … I can create a separate admin for you to check, please.

Also can you please note on the Tag Cloud and tag taxonomy issue I highlighted above…

May I get some help on this… I am happy for anyone to let you see my admin panel… where I am wrong…I have shown and explained all on the above video.

It seems like there’s a bug and your best bet is probably to wait for the next release.