Unmix audio & video in Average Episode Downloads over Time

I looked through Episode Download Average and it seems to me that there is no distinction between different assets or asset type. Are they indeed all calculated in a mix?

If yes, I would like to suggest to split it between Asset Type or category or Wordpress category, because the average for audio episodes is in my case pulled down by a little side project with video episodes. In the Downloads over Time view, all videos are well below average and all audios are above.

The main issue is that you put what I consider two (related) podcasts into a single system, and the Publisher treats it as one. I consider category podcasting a hack/workaround, while admitting there is no simple alternative. (The correct one being WP Networks, but I can see why people are hesitant to use it)

We have the often-requested Shows-Feature planned, though: https://trello.com/c/njJosaJY/193-2-6-episode-types-shows. I just added a note that Analytics have to respect shows once it’s implemented.

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