Updates to GDPR statement?

Hi, I’m new here. I consider using podlove to distribute my small podcast side project via podlove on my website. Looking for gdpr snippets for my privacy page, I could only find the quite outdated text from 2018 (DSGVO / GDPR | Podlove Documentation) which still includes flattr and bitlove (both seem to be out of existence today). So I’m wondering, is there any update to these texts I might have missed? I couldn’t find any recent topics in this forum either. Also, I found several sources stating that in general, using a cdn requires me to get a data processing contract under certain conditions, it says so even in the keycdn gdpr statement. What’s up with that? I understand that these conditions are not met by the way, Podlove delivers content via keycdn, or does it? What do you guys do in that matter and am I really the first one to ask this ever since 2018?