URLs of Media Library are being rewritten

I am using WP Media Offload and have also sent a support message in an attempt to isolate this problem to them.

When I enter a Media Asset from the Media Library from within the PODLOVE Episode page (which is much like the regular Wordpress Post creation page), the URL shown is correct in that it is from the CDN I have created in Media Offload. Meaning I am getting the expected results within the Episode creation phase.

When the content is displayed however, the URL of the Media Asset is stripped away from the CDN URL and the image path is rewritten back to the path Wordpress stores it as:

example (CDN what I enter in Wordpress):

img class=“rounded mx-auto d-block”


alt=“” width=“300” height=“300” />

What is being displayed (which causes an 404 error):

<img class=“rounded mx-auto d-block”


alt=“” width=“300” height=“300”>

When I grab the content from the Episode… NOT THE SUMMARY . . . I have to grab it via this method:

‘post_content’ => $post->post_content,

The Podlove docs indicate that there is an episode.content value, PHP accessible via ‘episode_content’ => $Episode->content, but all attempts to access episode content in this manner fails. I have to pull data via a get_post(post_id) or from within the Loop…

The POST_TYPE for Podlove episodes is “podcast” and a Wordpress POST_TYPE is 'post".

Is Podlove somehow involved in rewriting what has been inserted into an Episode or . . . what???

This issue is not happening in any other use case… only when I am creating and displaying a Podlove Episode . . .

On a side not… it would be good… perhaps to strip out images for the feed . . . is that possible or is it already done . . .

Podlove Publisher does not alter the HTML content of posts. The template accessor episode.content is just a shorthand for episode.post.post_content, which is the WordPress native content.

There’s an option in the feed settings to not include any HTML post content in the feed. Then only the summary, description etc. are included.