Use the summary on the homepage

For our website I would like to replace the dusty old theme with a more modern one. It would be great if not the whole description would appear on the homepage and on the pages for categories, search results etc., but only a short summary. Wordpress knows the Excerpt for this purpose. On the episode page, I always fill out the summary (Zusammenfassung). This would be perfect as an excerpt. But how do I get Wordpress to display the Zusammenfassung as an excerpt?

Isn’t that how it works as a default? On my homepage I only see the summary (Zusammenfassung) of each episode. Am I missing something?

With the themes I tried, it doesn’t. Which one are you using?

Astra, you can check out the page at

The “Zusammenfassung” is something that can only be referenced within the Podlove plugin/templates. Wordpress is not “aware” of the summary.