Use web player for foreign RSS feed


I would like to embed the Podlove web player, which is the most beautiful I have seen so far, in my website. My podcast is self-hosted. Is it possible to just give the player the feed URL and have it discover show and episode information by itself?

In the docs I did not find a reference to this use case, although it seems to me that it would be very common. In fact, I am not sure if it is at all possible to use the player without episode.json. Since I would like the player to dynamically update the episode information base on the RSS feed, I would not need the episode.json file at all.

Perhaps I am missing a key piece of information! Thank you for reading.

Sorry for the late response. In general the Player is meant to play one Episode. Generating a Page based on the RSS Feed still should be possible, but there need to be a system that parses the feed and provides the Information to the player.