Using Podlove with existing Soundcloud podcast

Hi Podlove Forum,

I saw the Podlove player with the chapter marks and would like to implement it on our Website. Reading the documentation and seeing the options (after installing the plugin), one very basic question is unanswered for me.

(It’s probably totally obvious and I just miss to see it)

I have an existing Podcast on Soundcloud. Can I integrate the Podlove Player and chapter marks using the hosted files on Soundcloud or do I have to move the Podcast to Podlove or another hosting only provider.

I was looking for a place to put the RSS Feed in the WP Plugin (Podlove Player), but I only find a field to point to the MP3. So it seems I can’t keep Soundcloud and use the player. Correct?

Thanks for your help


I don’t use Soundcloud so I can’t test it myself. But you could try this:

When Podlove is looking for a media file, it checks the files at whatever Upload Location is set in Podlove -> Podcast Settings -> Media. This can be on other servers. (It could even be a good idea to host your files somewhere else.) Therefore you could insert the Soundcloud upload location there - if Soundcloud even tells you where this is.

Maybe we are talking about the same field:

As far as I understand it, Podlove usually creates its own RSS-Feeds. It does not “enhance” an existing one.

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Hi Joey,

thanks for your response. It seems I can’t access the MP3 directly on Soundcloud, but I’ll double check. Since we only have two episodes and there is a way to redirect, I think I’ll consider moving. Better now than later.

The part about “not enhancing an existing feed” basically answered my question and was my misunderstanding.

Thanks again & Best


This might be a good idea. Soundcloud might not be the best choice (& here).

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