WaveLab FTP upload

I have Steinberg WaveLab LE 10 that I want to use for podcast production. WaveLab has a feature for uploading podcast episodes over FTP that would have been convenient to use.

I have tried to search online for if it is possible and possibly how to set it up, but can not find anything that gives answers and possibly a solution.

Where can I find the information to enter in the "Feed File Name (with Path) field?
And what should I link to in “Associated Web Site (URL)”?

Attaches link to WaveLab LE 10’s user manual where they explain how FTP should be set up. I hope there are some wise heads out there that can help me solve this.

FTP Settings Dialog (steinberg.help)

This seems to do more than just an FTP upload. I don’t know how well this would work with Podlove.
I just did a quick test to see what a feed file name actually would be. My result was cryptic.

However, the Associated Web Site URL is

Your own web site address including the path to the feed.

You can find the path to your RSS feed in the Podlove settings in your WordPress backend. They mostly look something like https://example.com/feed/mp3.