Web Player 4 not working

I’ve been using Podlove Publisher for months now. In every episode I manually embed the player via shortcode. In the Player settings I chose the Podlove Web Player 4 version.

Two days ago I disabled some tabs and the player was still working. Today I found that I can see only the standard mp3 player, both in the settings preview and in the episodes.

You can see an example at the bottom of this post https://italianindie.com/edoardo-scognamiglio-replica/

I also updated the plugin to the latest version just now. It didn’t fix the issue.

What can I do?

This is an interim problem with our CDN. We have used up our sponsored plan and reached out to the provider to get some more bandwidth.

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Thank you! Is there a workaround, in case it happens again?

Yes you still should be able to use the installed version in the Publisher Plugin

Thanks, but what do you mean with “the installed version”? I am using the installed plugin.

Hi, the player worked again yesterday. Today I see the default player again. Same issue?